Picolit 2017

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Viticulture and Harvest

Picolit is a very difficult variety to grow, as it suffers from a condition called “floral abort,” where the flowers quite often die before forming fruit.

For this reason, Picolit is being removed from many vineyards across its native homeland – Fruili, Northern Italy – and is becoming rarer by the day…

And for us, growing Picolit requires a huge amount of care, with only a few successful harvests in the past decade – the last of which was 2013.

So, we are very happy that we harvested a very decent crop in 2017.

The fruit was clean, with great acid and flavour. We left the fruit on the vines for as long as possible, and harvested when the sugar ripeness reached 17.5 Baume.


The best way to preserve fruit flavour in a dessert wine while retaining a high residual sugar is to keep a portion of the juice cold and unfermented, while the balance of the juice is fermented dry.

Once the dry portion has been racked off yeast sediment, it is blended with the juice.

This allows the primary  characters of pineapple, melon, green apple and honeysuckle to remain, resulting in a wine that is juicy, fresh and clean.

Tasting Notes

Notes of freshly cut pineapple, hibiscus flower and honeysuckle. A palate of melon, pineapple and green apple.  The sweetness is well balanced with a clean acid finish.

Great with an after dinner plate of soft cheeses, sliced pear, dried apricot and biscotti.


pH:                         3.20

TA:                         8.6 g/L

Alc/vol:                 9%

RS:                          98g/L

Cellar:                   5 years